Guidelines & Application forms

About the period of acceptance of application from fiscal year 2018

An application for grant will be received around September from fiscal year 2018.
The details will be announced on this website when it comes to settled.

*All applicants are supposed to use the Application Form. Please fill it out according to the documents you can download below.
*Submissions will be accepted during the aforementioned periods only.
Applications submitted in advance or after the aforementioned periods may not be accepted.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

After downloading the application form, a window which says
“You can not display all at the same time because some of the areas you are trying to edit are overlapping and you can use the button ‘Search for next editable area’. Please display each area on” will open.

Please press OK. After that, it will be displayed in the protected view, so click on the menu bar display and then edit to start filling in.