The Niwano Foundation operates the following programs to support faith-based organizations and citizen’s organizations that, grounded in the spirit of their religious principles , promote, improve or revitalize activities for peace.

(1) Program for social research and data collection on activity for peace
This program conducts social surveys, collects, and publishes data related to the activities of religious and civic organizations serving the cause of peace. The principle aim of this program is to raise the consciousness of persons related to such organizations, encourage the qualitative improvement of their organizations’ activities, and promote activities based on the spirit of religious principles.

(2) Program for raising public awareness

This program raises public awareness by holding seminars and symposiums to publicize the achievements of supported activities and is principally intended for religious organizations and concerned persons.
The primary aim of this program is to develop human resources, share specialized knowledge, and contribute to the enrichment of activities undertaken by religious and civic organizations.


1. Actions that arise from reverence for a Great Being and equitably contribute the necessities required of body and soul, for society and individual life.

2. For this reason, activities based on prejudice against any group, faith or belief, activities based on a specific political ideology, or activities whose aims profit only a specific group or individuals are not covered by our support.

3. Peace is often understood simply as circumstances in which war or conflict is absent. However, a more practical understanding grasps peace not as a state of affairs but the dynamic process of seeking greater harmony and fulfillment. Accordingly, this vision of peace includes both an outwardly social aspect and an inwardly spiritual aspect.

4. Although practical application is indispensable to achieving peace, the theoretical work of investigating the conditions necessary to realize peace are also important. Therefore, activities based on the spirit of religious principles also include approaches such as preparing the necessary conditions to achieve peace, approaches that address hinderances to peace, and character-building  religious education to build the foundations of peace.