Prof. Mohammed Abu-Nimer

The 41st recipient, 2024, the United States of America

The 41st Niwano Peace Prize was awarded to Palestinian-American Prof. Mohammed Abu-Nimer, in recognition of his lifelong dedication to peace and interfaith dialogue.
As both a scholar and practitioner, he has demonstrated this commitment from his youth to the present day. What is most impressive about his work is his holistic contribution to the cause of peace. This contribution integrates education with conflict resolution and peacebuilding activities, particularly through his profound understanding of forgiveness and reconciliation in Islam and applying it effectively in practice. In light of the ongoing conflict in his homeland, Israel/Palestine, which has escalated into one of the region’s most devastating wars, we believe that there could not be more fitting and timely recipient for this year’s Niwano Peace Prize.

Please watch the digest version of the video of the Presentation Ceremony below.

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