The 29th Niwano Peace Prize is celebrated in Guatemala as a critical contribution to building Peace

By Katherine Marshall, Chair, International Selection Committee for the Niwano Peace Prize


The 29th Niwano Peace Laureate, Rosalina Tuyuc Velasquez, received an extraordinary welcome in Guatemala as she returned home from the Niwano Peace Prize award ceremony on May 10 in Tokyo, and the May 12 symposium in Kyoto. The national celebration that greeted her involved several days of public discussions of peace, of the significance of the Niwano Peace Prize, of Rosalina’s work and contributions, and of the challenges that face Guatemala and the world in the future.
As chair of the International Selection Committee I was privileged to represent the Niwano Peace Foundation there and to witness the excitement sparked by her award. Samuel Lobato, member of the Committee, also participated in the celebrations.

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