Guidelines & Application forms

Guidelines & application form

Following the deadline date, application acceptance of the Activity Grant for fiscal year 2022 has ended.
※ Application Period in a year will be around middle of September to middle of October.
Detailed dates will be announced prior starting period.
Application arrived before or after the period may not be accepted, and be rejected.

If you are having trouble filling out the online application form, please use the ‘File version of the Application form’

To Successful applicant (Counterpart)

We announce the successful applicants of Activity Grant in fiscal year 2022

We announce the successful applicants of Activity Grant for fiscal year 2022, according to the decisions taken at the screening committee in May 13, 2023.
Among 356 applicants, 12 applicants were selected as successful applicants.
We will send AGREEMENT ON CONDITIONS OF ACTIVITY GRANT to the successful applicants soon.

Please Note: The applicants that were not posted on the list was not adopted for the term’s grant.


Successful applicant (Counterpart) is requested to refer and confirm for following informations.

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