Ruki Fernando

The 1st Niwano Peace Prize Visionary Award(Sri lanka)

Ruki Fernando
Name:Ruki Fernando
Nationality:Sri Lanka
Date of birth:1973
Position:Human Right Activist

During the Sri Lankan Civil War, the longest civil war in Asia, Mr. Fernando served as the Asian Coordinator of the International Youth Christian Student Movement and is now a freelance human rights activist.

In the field where ethnic (Sinhala and Tamil) and religious (Buddhist and Hindu) differences divide the majority and minority, enemy and ally, Mr. Fernando listens to the voiceless voiceof Tamils, who tend to be regarded as the rebels and oppressed, and Muslims, who aremarginalized by both the majority and minority groups, and works to provide relief and protect human rights. At the same time, he is committed to building networks to foster democracy and continues to assistin the search for missing persons who have been lost in the war.

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