Jennifer Liang

The 1st Niwano Peace Prize Visionary Award(India)

Jennifer Liang
Name:Jennifer Liang
Date of birth:1972
Organization:The Action Northeast Trust (The Ant)
Position:Founder, Program Leader (IDeA)、Founder Trustee (The Ant)

In the Bodo region of western Assam in northeastern India, where ethnic and political conflicts have led to armed struggle, Ms. Liangfounded The Action Northeast Trust (The Ant), a nonviolent organization dedicated to rural development, vocational training,women’s rights protection and empowerment, as well as mental and physical care for people in violent environments. The Ant works for people in violent environments’ physical and mental health care too. She has also trained and organized people to resolve conflicts, facilitated the acquisition of peace-building capacities, and created strong groundwork for peace in the region.

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