Recipients of the 2nd Niwano Peace Prize Visionary Award

Name: Mr. Myint Zaw
Nationality: Myanmar
Date of Birth: 1975
Position: Environmental Peace Activist
Religion: Buddhist

Name: Rev. Thích Tâm Trí (釈心智)
Nationality: Vietnamese
Date of Birth: 1978
Position: Chief priest, Daionji temple President, General Incorporated Association of Vietnamese Buddhists in Japan ※
※ Original organization name is Japanese and this English name is a provisional translation by NPF

Recipients of the 1st Niwano Peace Prize Visionary Award

Name:Ruki Fernando
Nationality:Sri Lanka
Date of birth:1973
Position:Human Right Activist

Name:Jennifer Liang
Date of birth:1972
Organization:The Action Northeast Trust (The Ant)
Position:Founder, Program Leader (IDeA)、Founder Trustee (The Ant)

Name:Alissa Qotrunnada Munawaroh Wahid
Date of birth:1972
Organization:Jaringan Gusdurian (Gusdurian Network)
Position: National Director
Religion/Faith: Islam