The successful applicants and final reports


◎Total number of appplicants: 246
◎The number of successful applicants: 10
◎Total Amount: JPY 5,000,000

Code Name of organization The title of the project Amount Country Final report
14-A-013 Peace Direct Interfaith volunteering for young people to increase interreligious understanding and promote peace in the Southern Philippines ¥500,000 British Activity Report
Financial Report
14-A-022 transSMS Transportation and logistics improvement project by smartphone app in East-Timor ¥400,000 Japan Submitted in September, 2015
14-A-052 Congo Leadership Initiative The North Kivu Peace Institute: Peace-building through grass-roots training and opportunities for talented local young leaders ¥600,000 U.S.A. Activity Report
Financial Report
14-A-139 Africa Reconciliation Committee JAPAN (ARC) Project of Income Generation and National Reconciliation through Micro Saving in Rwanda ¥500,000 Japan Submitted in September, 2015
14-A-141 Kawasaki / Bucheon Youth Forum HANA Kawasaki / Bucheon Youth Forum HANA Summer Conference Winter Conference ¥800,000 Japan Submitted in September, 2015
14-A-168 Concerned Citizen Group with the Development of Mozambique, Japan Project for the Strengthening Peasants-led Advocacy Activities on Large-scale Agriculture Development and the Preparation of Policy Suggestions regarding Agriculture Investment through Field Research in ¥500,000 Japan Submitted in September, 2015
14-A-169 AMDA-MINDS (Multisectoral and Integrated Development Services) Project for promotion of safe delivery in mountainous areas in Danli municipality ¥700,000 Japan Submitted in September, 2015
14-A-179 Non-profit organization Mother Link Japan Livelihood Support Project for the Single-Parent Families and Foster Familites Affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunamis on 11 March 2011 ¥200,000 Japan
14-A-181 Peace Depot Recommendation and Formation of Public Opinion for a Northeast Asia Nuclear Weapon Free zone Initiative – Taking the Current of the International Society toward Nuclear Weapons Abolition ¥500,000 Japan Submitted in September, 2015
14-A-206 Minna soranoshita Project to support children of Fukushima by mothers in Kyoto ¥300,000 Japan Submitted in September, 2015