The successful applicants and final reports


◎Total number of appplicants: 138
◎The number of successful applicants: 10
◎Total Amount: JPY 4,700,000

Code Name of organization The title of the project Amount Country Final report
14-A-306 Rabbis for Human Rights Dialogue of the Olive Groves: Bringing Israelis and Palestinians together to Create Peace and Protect Human Rights ¥810,000 Israel Activity Report
Financial Report
14-A-327 Japan NGO Network for Education Education for All Global Action Week ¥300,000 Japan Submitted in December, 2015
14-A-374 Association for Toyonaka Multicultural Symbiosis (ATOMS) Media Project for Empowering Multicultural Children 2014 ¥500,000 Japan Submitted in December, 2015
14-A-385 Asia School Attendance Partnership Mother to Mother: Cooperation between Cambodian mothers and Japanese mothers for equiping a workshop to support themselves, becoming stable of Mother to Mother project and building up the system of Mother to ¥400,000 Japan Submitted in December, 2015
14-A-390 Association for supporting Refugees’Settlement in Kanagawa The Counsel Project supporting for Ind-Chainese Refugees’ ¥300,000 Japan Submitted in December, 2015
14-A-409 Seed to Table The projcet for improving livelihood of small farmers by applying Organic farming technique and organizing producers’ group ¥993,000 Japan Submitted in December, 2015
14-A-410 Fukushima Green space The Pumpkin Lantern Festival in Oguni district Ryozen ¥347,000 Japan Submitted in December, 2015
14-A-412 Christian Coalition for Refugee and Migrant Workers 1. Visit service for detainee in immigration control bureau detention center and living assistance to refugee on provisonal release.
2. Consultation for refugee applicants and their supporter. The educational activities of the consciousness evocation to the problem of refugee to average citizen and chrches.
¥350,000 Japan Submitted in December, 2015
14-A-413 ShaplaNeer = Citizen’s Committee in Japan for overseas Support Community Reconstruction in Iwaki City Support Project ¥200,000 Japan Submitted in December, 2015
14-A-426 International NGO Kamonohashi Project Strengthen life-skill training for ultra poor women in Cambodai ¥500,000 Japan Submitted in December, 2015