The successful applicants and final reports


◎Total number of appplicants: 56
◎The number of successful applicants: 12
◎Total Amount: US$ 62,522.00 (At a rate of 100yen per doller)

Code Name of organization The title of the project Amount Country Final report
16-A-006 Water, Agroforestry, Nutrition and Development Foundation Muslim-Christian Rainwater Harvesting and Food Security Project US$7,200.00 Philippines
16-A-008 Institute of Social Research and Development(ISRD) Strengthening the Capacities of 100 Meira Paibies (Women TorchBearers) Leaders to Response an Effective Human Value Initiativein Manipur US$6,000.00 India
16-A-011 The women’s Fund for Human Rights, Ltd.(Machsom Watch) Touring the Israeli Occupation and Sharing the Need for Peace with the Israeli Public US$4,000.00 Israel
16-A-026 AIDS Orphan Support NGO PLAS Life Planning Support Project for AIDS Orphans and their guardians in Mbita Sub-county, Homa Bay County, Kenya US$6,784.00 Japan
16-A-035 Insan-Iraq Society for Relief & development “PEACE YARD” building with Iraqi children US$8,000.00 Japan/ Iraq
16-A-036 CSO Network Japan Dissemination and Improvement of Community Power Assessment Tool toward Sustainable Society, and Enhancing Domestic and Internationl Awareness US$8,000.00 Japan
16-A-039 Northeast Asia Regional Peacebuilding Institute Cultivation a Culture of Peace in the Midst of Militarization in Northern Asia – 2016 NAPRI Summer Peacebuilding Training US$4,000.00 Korea
16-A-041 Organization of United Korean Youth in Japan Transmission of history of Korean living in Japan US$3,200.00 Japan
16-A-045 NPO Committee of foundation, war memorial center for peace Specially Planned Exhibitions About August 15, 1945, the Last Day of WWⅡ Cartoons by Comic Artists and Writing by the Warexperienced— Each Created in their Recollection of the Day US$3,400.00 Japan
16-A-046 JIYUJUKU Free private preparatory school US$7,000.00 Japan
16-A-049 Hopeful Touch Opening and Management of Non-formal Education Classes for Syrian Children in Sanliurfa, Turkey US$1,938.00 Japan
16-A-056 Free The Children Japan Take Action Camp for Youth US$3,000.00 Japan