The successful applicants and final reports


◎Total number of appplicants: 108
◎The number of successful applicants: 12
◎Total Amount: US$ 69,400.00 (At a rate of 100yen per doller)

Code Name of organization The title of the project Amount Country Final report
16-A2-003 Rabbis for Human Rights Olive Tress – Symbol of Peace: Bringing Israelis and Palestinians together to promote tolerance and defend Human Rights US$7,200.00 Israel Final Report
Financial Report
16-A2-009 Fukushima Booklet Committee Disseminating lessons from Fukushima nuclear power accident to the world US$7,200.00 Japan Final Report
Financial Report
16-A2-022 Victim’s Association for Peace and Development Reconciliation Through Art – RECONCILIART US$6,700.00 Colombia
16-A2-030 Peace and Reconciliation Movement Sierra Leone “Promoting Community Peaceful Co-Existence Project-II” in Kakua chiefdom, Bo District, Southern Sierra Leone. US$6,400.00 Sierra Leonne
16-A2-033 Muslim Sharing Skills for Peace and Development (Kapamagogopa) Inc. Interfaith volunteering for young people to increase interreligious understanding and promote peace in the Southern Philippines. US$6,900.00 Philippines
16-A2-035 Rukmini Foundation Campaign to protect young girls of Nepal from child marriage: Intervention in Tamang and Balami Villages of Pharping , Nepal US$6,100.00 USA Final Report
Financial Report
16-A2-038 NPO Saitama Youth Support Net Field development of farming experience for young employment as part of support for poor and needy. US$4,000.00 Japan Final Report
Financial Report
16-A2-049 Asociación Civil Psiquearte Paz Adentro en la Escuela (Peace Within at School) US$2,900.00 Venezuela
16-A2-054 Japan Iraq Medical Network Project to support injured and disabled Syrian refugees in Jordan US$7,000.00 Japan Final Report
16-A2-059 Peace Depot Research and Public Awareness Raising for a Northeast Asia Nuclear Weapon- Free Zone US$3,000.00 Japan Final Report
Financial Report
16-A2-075 Generations For Peace in partnership with Generations For Peace Georgia Outreach and Community Initiatives for Interreligious Peace and Cooperation in Old Tbilisi, Georgia US$7,800.00 Jordan Final Report
Financial Report
16-A2-106 Women Without Poverty Sabiny Women’s Rights Enhancement Project US$4,200.00 Uganda