The successful applicants and final reports


◎Total number of appplicants: 291
◎The number of successful applicants: 8
◎Total Amount: US$ 46,278.76 (At a rate of 113 yen per doller)

Code Name of organization The title of the project Amount Country Final report
17-A2-086 BEYOND BOUNDARIES LEGACY LEADERSHIP INITIATIVE (BBLLI) Diversity for Peace and Development Project(DPDP) US$7,400.00 Nigeria Final Report
Financial Report
17-A2-134 International Council for Cultural Centers B(re)aking Bread and Borders (BBB) US$7,900.00 Bulgaria Final Report
Financial Report
17-A2-167 Ukrainian Catholic University Dialogue for peacebuilding: fostering of interreligious tolerance in between religious communities of South-Eastern Ukraine US$7,000.00 Ukraine
17-A2-187 Public organization of youth with disabilities “Noil” (POYDN) Human rights awareness raising among youth with disabilities in the five rural districts of Tajikistan US$7,100.00 Tajikistan Final Report
Financial Report
17-A2-213 Civil Association “Debate Criollo” Strengthening of the Citizen Encounters and the Forming Future program, for the preparation of community leaders. US$1,500.00 Venezuela
17-A2-240 The International Movement Against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism Human Rights and Development: Handbook on the Challenge to Descent-based Discrimination as a Global Issue ¥800,000 Japan Final Report
Financial Report
17-A2-259 Club Humanitarian Outreach Ministries, Supporting Marginalized Otuke Women’s Advocacy for Property and Inheritance Rights i US$6,600.00 Uganda
17-A2-275 Global Next Leaders Forum Student Committee Global Next Leaders Forum 2018 ¥192,000 Japan Final Report
Financial Report